We have had THE most superb time this weekend!

Started off as usual on Saturday morning, trip to the supermarket for those things we can’t grow or don’t have ready yet, and things we can’t yet make.  THEN it was back home, swift lunch, and then I got going on the baking ready for the Allotment Summer Show on Sunday.

I’d entered 2 categories, the Fruit Cake – Own Recipe, and 8 Biscuits.  Needless to say, this meant I had to make LOTS of biscuits, in order to obtain 8 perfect ones.  More of that later.

Saturday evening was spent having dinner with 4 friends, and it was a superb evening.  We ate lovely food, prepared by my friend from work, who is one of THE best cooks I know.  He did us proud for sure, and we all had many and varied conversations and plenty of wine and coffee before finally falling into a taxi, very late, and very happy.

And so…home to bed at 1AM, knowing that tomorrow was THE big day.  Not only was I entering my cake and biscuits into the show, but Adrian and I were looking after Grandsmall for the WHOLE day as well.  We were both looking forward to it, and HOPING that the show might keep her amused!

So it was off to the show tent with the goodies, then off to collect Grandsmall and all the ‘stuff’ that is required in minding an almost 2 year old for the day! I have to use their car to take her out, because of the car seat, and poor Son in Law is going to have a job to get his seat back to HIS driving position, I am mightily shorter than he is.

WE got home, and proceeded to give her her lunch, as she was showing signs of becoming tired.  She wasn’t much interested in the sandwich her Mama had so lovingly prepared, but WAS intently learning to ‘drum’ on the plate with a pen, ably taught by Adrian, who showed infinite patience in helping her to get it right.  I THINK he was having more fun than Grandsmall!  Having had her dessert and a drink, we loaded her into her buggly and set off for the lottie, MY how it’s coming along


The cabbages are almost ready, though some leaves have been munched a tad..

Beans are going great guns, loads of beans and still lots of floweres as well.  More canning to be done!

More Tomatoes ripening nicely..

ANd some super pears.  Hopefully I will get to eat some of these, someone has nicked ALL the plums, not just from our plot either.  Food has gone from several plots, which is something we have been concerned about given the current economic climate.

It was soon TIME though, so we headed off over to the show marquee to see what was what.  There were lots of entries this year, which is very good, and even better, some new faces.  The show needs that, it can get a bit boring when the same people win everything year in year out, and it’s great to see new alottmenteers beaming over a prize.

The onions were all beautifully presented.  Some people must have spent HOURS lovingly wrapping each one!

Enormous Pumpkins, unfortunately, our allotment neighbour couldn’t show his, it was one of the things that was stolen from his plot.

And the baking..

The winning cake, and NO it wasn’t mine.  Mine apparently, was ‘slightly sunk’!  As it was perfectly flat, I’m not sure HOW it had sunk, but there you are, that’s the perils of shows for you.

The biscuits redeemed themselves though..LOOK..

Yup, that’s a FIrst Prize folks!  I was SO chuffed.  SO excited in fact, that I didn’t notice the second card bearing a First under the plate.  It wasn’t until Adrian came home with the goodies, and the plates, that I realised I had TWO First Prizes, one for the Best Biscuits, and one for the Best Cookery Exhibit!

Those on the forums I frequent will be able to tell you how stunned and pleased I am.  For the Best Cookery Exhibit, I also win a Silver Salver for the year.  Folks, I have a Trophy!

OOH Almost forgot!  I also have some lovely new-to-me items from the Bric a Brac Stall!  A superb crock pot, MADE for home made soup I think, for 30p.

And for 5p the two, a couple of Denmead Pottery shallow bowls, deep plates…

The day ended with a very sleepy and smiley Grandsmall being ferried home to Mama and Papa, a VERY weary Adrian flopping on the sofa have chased, been chased, crawled around, played Grand Prix driving etc all day, and a VERY tired but Smiley Nanna, slumping on the sofa clutching a glass of vino.

A FABULOUS weekend indeed!