I have TREASURE, something that Adrian found that is UTTERLY priceless!  Now I have friends who are lucky enough to have Tips nearby, where people can buy some of the things that people have ‘Thrown away’.  We all know that there is NO such place as ‘Away’, everything ends up somewhere, normally landfill, so by recycling the more useful things, we are all helping the planet a bit. Not only that, but my friends have quite often found real bargains, Le Creuset saucepans, oil lamps, all manner of useful things.

Did MY treasure come from the tip?  NO, our local one doesn’t do what my friends does, once it’s gone around here, that’s it, incinerated or landfilled, end of!  MY treasure WAS rescued from the rubbish though, as Adrian is a bin man, and couldn’t bring himself to put THIS in the back of the lorry.

Yup, it’s a battered old photo album, but not just ANY old photo album.  THIS one is just choc FULL of…Old REcipes!  Some are beautifully hand written, some are cut out from old magazines and papers.  There is a veritable FEAST of things in there, including a huge wall chart of Herbs and Spices, what you can use them for and with, 2 pages of Christmas things to bake, even a brine mix to cure bacon.

This is just the first page of all things Christmassy!  There are some lovely things to make here, and I SHALL be trying some of them in a few months.  Christmas Hampers as presents is something I always like to do, and they are always well received.  I now have many more things I can add.  Isn’t it JUST wonderful?

As you can see, there were many recipes that simply wouldn’t fit in the album.  There are 2 sheets of recipes for Venison and Hare, and on the back of one of them, is a letter from a daughter to her Mum.  I found this very poignant, as it’s pretty certain, that the owner of this book had passed away, and the book was thrown out when her home was cleared.  I hope that she’s looking down from somewhere, happy that her book will continue to be of use, and loved.

Every single page is stuffed with recipes.  Some of the hand written ones are the best, with little notes etc about the ingredients, names such as ‘Patricias Lemon Cake’, that you just KNOW came word of mouth from one friend to another. Doesn’t happen these days, most people are too busy to cook this way any more, or sadly, just don’t know how to.  Books like this are SUCH a valuable resource, and frankly, I see them as being an important part of our Social History as well.

I have a similar collection of recipes from my late Uncle, and that little collection of loose pages, tied together with bits of string, is one of my most valued possessions.  Not just because of the family connection, but because of the wealth of knowledge that it contains.  Why people can’t see the value in these things is beyond me.  To think, that every single day, one or more books like this finds it’s way into the incinerator or landfill, makes me sad.  SO much lost, and we can never get it back.

I am so glad to have this book, and so pleased that, like me, Adrian saw the value hidden within it, and saved it from it’s fate.