As we have just celebrated Lughnasad, I thought I’d tell you about my special Summer solstice trip to Glastonbury.

It all started out with an innocent comment on a forum, that I and a friend were thinking of going to Glastonbury for the Solstice.  A very good friend invited us to camp out in his garden, and spend the weekend with him and his family.  THEN another friend from the forum said she would join us as well, and so the scene was set.

As it turned out, the friend who was originally coming with me, couldn’t make it, so there was just the 2 of us plus Billy and his family.  WHAT fun we had though.

I arrived complete with the West Wing of Wren Towers, and had some lunch, then the Lovely Jelly B arrived from Madchester.  The West Wing was soon erected, causing much excitement with the 2 delightful children of the family.

Unfortunately, we were on a bit of a slope, causing some of the copious rain we had, to enter under the edge of the tent, and leave various articles of clothing somewhat damp!

The kids had a whale of a time playing at camping in there, and were in and out like mad things.

The weekend was always destined to involve much in the way of celebrations, well, it was the Solstice after all.  This is a picture of the morning after the night before.  It was in fact the first night of the stay, and we managed to get through an obscene amount of alkeyhole between the four of us, well 3 actually, as Mrs R was working till fairly late and only joined us at the end of the celebrations.

The original plan was that we would all head off in the early hours of the Saturday morning to walk up the Tor and celebrate at Sunrise.  MMM well the good old British Weather had other plans.  Heavy rain was forecast, so the decision was made that we would take advantage of a weather window between 5pm and 7pm on the friday evening instead. 

YEAH RIGHT!  Weather window?  It rained and rained, that sort of heavy Mizzle that gets you totally soaked, but looks like hardly any rain at all!  BUT, it was glorious, the views were as ever, stunning.

I will admit to not being able to keep up with Jelly B and Billy, and so I sent them off on their own, and quietly and slowly made my way up the slippery steps.  I only got half way, it was quite treacherous, and with no one to grab hold of, I didn’t feel very safe.  So I came down and settled under the trees at the bottom to wait for the other two.

They soon hove into view, looking red faced and very wet indeed, but were both still smiling and had obviously enjoyed their trip.

We all set off back home and as we got just to the Chalice Well tap to fill up on the water from the Well, it stopped raining!  Typical!

The Solstice morning dawned grey and mizzly, as predicted, but cleared up a little. Long enough for a shopping trip to the High Street.  WONDERFUL, but NOT to be undertaken if you have credit cards, SOOO many lovely things are on offer you could easily spend a small fortune.  I have in the past, done just that, but I am more restrained these days.

The Sunday saw Jelly B and I head off to the Chalice Well Gardens, we took the  kids with us, and gave Billy and Mrs R a break, they deserved it after all.  There were still signs of the previous nights celebrations around, and the gardens were very peaceful and positively glowing with health and energy.  Here is a picture of the Flow form, with the coloured lamps still in place, it looked glorious.

Sadly this was the Lovely Jelly B’s last day, and just before 4 pm, she had to head off back to Madchester.  My wonderful visit came to an end the following morning, when I set off on the drive back to Portsmouth.

I had a super super time, even though I WAS a tad homesick as I was away from Adrian.  I was also reminded of what a special place Glastonbury has in my heart and soul, and that I really was HOME there.

We’ll be going back for more visits no doubt, and one day, soon we hope, we’ll be there for ever.