Here we go then!  Having swopped over to WordPress, lets see if I can manage to get some words AND pics on here!

Today was sausage making day.  I hope you can see the pics, I haven’t yet worked out how to get them anywhere other than where they are though!

We made barbecue pork sausages today, and the smell as we were making them was divine!

SO you say, how did you do that then?  First you weight out your meat, and cut it into reasonably sized chunks.  I then mix the flavourings and rusk with the chunks.  At the moment we are using bought flavourings, until we get a bit more proficient at it all.

Having done that, I mix in the water, and let it sit for about 10 minutes before I set to with the mincer.  The instructions on the flavouring pack say to mince twice, but we only do it once, as we like the filling to be a bit chunkier.

Then comes the REALLY fun bit, washing out the casings!  We use hog casings that I bought from Ascotts Smallholders supplies.  They come in a nice sealed pot, preserved in salt, and STINK to high heaven when you take the llid off.

They have to be washed, and left in a bowl of water for a while, then I run some water through them to sluice them out as well.  This can look very rude and make you giggle, depending on your sense of humour.  You can see the casings having a little swim in the bowl, they DO look like some sort of deep sea life form at this stage.

Next I put the nifty sausage stuffer attachment on the mincer, rope DH in to help, and we stuff the skins.  This can also look a bit rude and make you giggle!

Finally, once all the filling is in the casings, I tie the end, and pinch and twist the long sausage into smaller ones.


Very simple really. They taste FAR better than the ones bought from the supermarket, they cook fabulously and we always know exactly what is in them.




Here are the ones we made last week, all sizzling nicely in the pan, don’t they look fab?