I have been naughty and not updated for AGES. Time runs away here at the mo, but I shall try and rectify things over the next few days.

One problem I have is that not much actually happens round here, and endless posts of ” I got up and went to work, came home and ate dinner and then relaxed for a bit” DO NOT make for good reading! I also seem to have trouble downloading pics, but will persevere over the weekend!

I do have some interesting times coming up though. Briefly, I have joined a Druid Order and am busily studying the course material, I have to say it is a relief to find something that REally ‘fits’ with me at last. I’m enjoying it and will post bits here now and again on how things are going.

I have bought a harp which I am planning to learn to play, if not well, at least well enough for me. It’s something I have always wanted to do, and I intend to get to grips with it!

I am also in the throes of preserving as much food as possible, and trying to ensure that IF everything should go horribly wrong with the world, and there is no electricity or whatever for a while, we will manage.

To that end, we now have a sizeable stash of mason type preserving jars, a Pressure Canner is winging it’s way from USA so that I can preserve all the veg safely, I have purchased a dehydrator as well. Next on the list is a smoker, we are looking into making one, but it MIGHT take up too much room, so we may just have to go with a small one for the time being.

I have finally cracked bread making, each loaf just gets better and better, and with prices soaring, THAT is a good thing. The chooks are back to normal egg production having been off lay for a while, and my yoghurt making has improved in leaps and bounds as well.

All in all, our drive to be as self sufficient as possible is going very well, and in 22 mionths time, we should be in a positio to leave the city and head Soouth West, hopefully where we can have enough land to be able to do a little more, such as have a couple of pigs to grow on, but we’ll have to see on that one!

SO, thta’s all for now, I’ll try and get some pics on over the weekend, I have some of our homemade sausages to show you, they turned out VERY well indeed.