OK, where was I? Oh yes, arriving at CJ’s. CJ had omitted one VERY important fact though, she had not told me, that she lives on the steepest steep hill in Dover!!! I was in shock, as I TRIED to parallell park without ending up rolling to the bottom of the hill and taking several cars out on the way! The guy driving the car that was coming down the hill had tears rolling down his face as he laughed at my terror stricken expression and sigh of relief when I finally parked!

Once safely settled with a cuppa, I was introduced to TWO, yes TWO more cakes! A Carrot cake, made for me by the lovely Mr CJ, and a choccie cake, YES another one, which the delightful Miss Cj had made for me. I could see the way things were going, and was despairing of my waistline. It would however have been VERY rude NOT to eat any, and I managed to devour a fair bit of both cakes!

Then I met Cj’s fur babies, and OH how delightful they all are. There are four, Scout the only boy, then there is Cluney a long haired bundle of fluff, Beast, who is REALLY caled Phoebe, who decided I was her new best friend and my lap would do for now thank you very much, and Tilly, a siamese cross with the most wonderfull personality. I have taken pics, which show how completely smitten I was with them, and I think, they with me!

There is also a visiting cat, who is as gorgeous as CJ’s and we met in the garden, he came for a big fuss and was very friendly, but Cluney had followed me out, and seemed a bit peeved that someone else was getting HER fuss. He went off about 2 feet away to complete his ablutions, at that opoint Cluney came running over and sat about 1 1/2 feet away, glaring at him as if to say “STAY there, she’s MY friend and NOT yours”. She trotted in behind me when I went in, with a very smug look on her face.

Mr Cj came home from work to find me and CJ nattering away, and we opened a bottle of wine as it was 6 pm and perfectly acceptable, he said so! He was NOT however, impressed with how CJ had iced his cake, he was mortified, but he soon calmed down when he found that it tasted lovely and I was very taken with it. Cj’s teenogres, are JUST fabulous! It’s a long time since I’ve met such polite and positively charming youngsters. CJ1, a 17 year old lad, is wonderfully friendly and approachable, holds fabulous conversations, is very very polite, and gave up his bed for me. CJ2, is a poppet, and absolutely adorable young lady, very gracious and charming, and both are a credit to CJ and Mr CJ, who should be very very proud of them indeed.

We also had a phone call from another forum friend, the Lovely Jelly B, and it was super to chat to her for a while as well.

We sat talking and laughing into the night, and Mr Cj seemed to find a new bottle of wine each time one emptied! Eventually we headed for bed, very happy, very full of cake, and veggie lasagne and wine.

In the morning, we started off with tea and a chat, then we both had a super surprise, when Brigit Strawbridge rang for a chat. It’s ages since I’ve spoken to Brigit and it was lovely to hear from her. Cj then took me off to see the cliffs.

When we arrived, I looked over the harbour and realised, that when CJ had said a walk along the cliffs, she meant just that! I thought it wise at that point, to mention my chronic vertigo!!!! As a result, Cj had to walk on the outside of me all the way. She has now found out two new things about me. I DO NOT like hill starts on VERY steep hills, and I DO NOT like cliffs! I’m glad I saw them though, and got pics, I HAVE been there, REALLY!

I didn’t leave Cj’s empty handed either, Mr CJ gave me some gifts from his Mum, a jar of Tomato Chutney, and some Runner Bean Relish, so I was laden with goodies!

All too soon it was time to meet Mr CJ for lunch, which he paid for bless him, and then head home, having discovered that the Hill start wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, and that all the innards of my exhaust had escaped onto the ground! We said our goodbyes, and off I went, into the wide blue yonder, and the delights of Rye, Old Romney…Dymchurch etc etc tec.