Ok folks, I have been on an adventure, and to give it the name it SHOULD really have, it was the Great Cake Tour of Dover!

I set off early on Thursday morning, armed with AA directions, for Whitfield to meet The lovely Nita from Creative Living and her family. WELL…I followed all the directions, and finally arrived at the A259 heading for Folkestone, Folkestone does not exist people! It is a figment of the road sign makers imagination!

I went through Eastbourne, and I MEAN through it, YE GODS that took forever, and kept on the A259, but Folkestone NEVER arrived! I ended up on a tiny road by a golf club, in the middle of Nowhere in Kent, and gave up. Headed for the M20/A20 and eventually, came over a hill, and sae..DOVER HARBOUR! Having been through, Rye, Hythe, Dymchurch, Old Romney etc etc etc!

On entering Dover, I became the filling in a lorry sandwich, and was fearing that I would be swept onto a ferry and end up in France! I managed to avoid that fate, and negotiated several roundabouts and was safely heading for Nita. Then dear friends, the Fates intervened, and I went wrong somewhere! I ended up taking refuge outside the Rugby Club and calling for help. The Lovely Nita swiftly arrived and led me to her house….FIVE MINUTES AWAY!

LOOK what was awaiting me when I got there…

Anyway, it was THE HUGEST, most chocolatey Chocolate and malteser cake I have EVER seen! Needless to say, we ate some, but were VERY good and had some Of Nitas’ home made chicken soup first!

Nita is a lovely lady, and VERY accomplished with needles of all types, knitting, sewing, tapestry, cross stitch, you name it and she can do it, BEAUTIFULLY! Paul her hubby, is a lovely chap, and also very good at rabbitting, a huge bag of yummy wild rabbit is in mmy freezer and I’m looking forward to eating it next week sometime. He is also very clever, and makes his own nets, which he also sells at the Game fairs, so if you need one, look out for Paul and Nita, and you’ll get yourself some super nets!

Then there is James, who is an absolute Poppet and a complete livewire, he has SOOO much energy, just like a little whirlwind, but VERY polite and a charming young man.

As for the animals in the family, Tillee and Maggie May the dogs were just SO soppy and friendly, they were all over me in the nicest way and they were gorgeous. I also got to meet Bandit and Barney, two of the polecats, and although Barney IS a little smelly, he was charming, very well behaved and so sweet. I have to say though, that Bandit was my favourite, I held her and she was so soft and sweet, tiny little girl, or Gill, and lovely. I WAS tempted to smuggle her home, but I don’t think Adrian would have been very happy somehow. He WAS very happy with the big bag of jointed rabbit and the mahusive slab of cake though.

So, after a super couple of hours, it was time to head for my next port of call, the lovely CJ 5 minutes down the road, but the AA had other ideas. I asked Nita to check the directions, and guessed it wasn’t good when she burst out laughing. The good old AA had started off by sending me down a dead end road! Nita drew me a map, and off I went on the next stage of the Great Cake Tour of Dover, and I am relieved to say, that I arrived safely at my destination. BUT boy oh boy, was I in for a shock!