Well it was my birthday yesterday, and I’ve had a lovely, if quiet time. That’s the way I like it though. We did all our usual saturday things, like the shopping, but things DID go a little haywire.

My daughter was taken ill at home on her own with Grandsmall, whilst her hubby was working over the other side of the county. SOOO the day started with a mad dash to get to her and sort out the little one and take care of daughter till he could get home.

all fine now though, daughter recovering and Grandsmall no worse the wear for Nannas ministrations.

I had the most lovley card from hubby, I shan’t post a pic though, I’ll just tuck it away as it’s one of those that deserves to be kept. Another friend had made me a beautiful card, her skill at crafts just puts me in awe of her at times. My son and his fiancee bought me a book and some roses, which are now gracing the dining room table.

Hubby and I went out for a meal yesterday evening, which was most entertaining. I chose a table out of the way as I prefer to be in a quiet spot. There were three young couples with tiny babies a little way away, but no problem. However, I did have to laugh when one of the mums began describing, in detail, what her elder boy had been doing with his, ermm Willy one day. She went ON and ON, and quite loudly, regaled the entire area with her tales. You should have seen her face when we emerged from the little section just away from them, as she had thought no one was there. She was a tad pink!

Once we were home, we disturbed my son cooking for his fiancee, or more correctly, instructing his fiancee and then diving back upstairs to his PC to continue taking over other planets! This resulted in her firmly telling him that THAT meant SHE had cooked so HE had to wash up! Honestly, you’d think they were married already!

We retreated to the lounge to let them carry on in peace. Nothing much on the TV, HOW unusual for a Saturday, but we did catch a GEM of a few minutes on one programme. I’m putting the link to YouTube here, as it is JUST amazing, and really made my day.


Today, well it looks like the lottie plans are out, the rain has appeared once more. So I shall have to find SOMETHING to occupy hubby, who WILL be like a caged bear within half an hour! Will it EVER be a dry enough day, when he has the time, to get to the allotment?

This is when we envy the other allotmenteers who are retired or semi retired. They can get there all day every day if they want, and we have to pack it all into our precious weekends.

I have seedlings coming on a treat in the conservatory, and quite a few plants in the cold frame in the garden, they NEED to go in the ground soon though.

Ah well, at least we will have SOME veg and fruit from it, but this weather…BAH!

Right I must dash, as it’s time for cleaning the bathroom, then I might make some cakes, before I have to set to on the sunday dinner. I know how to live you know, it’s the high life here alright!