Well, it’s NOT my birthday until tomorrow, but today we went to visit my friend from the Creative Living forum, Yarrow (Pony Tales and Oakmoon)! That’s her above, with one of her smalls, and Toffee, who is THE most adorable horse, he loves to give kisses and likes his cuddles too!

We had the Grand tour of the field, complete with Viney cottage, and Bramble Cottage, saw an abandoned (we think!) Pheasant egg, their lovely little meditation area, and daffodils, and..brambles!

We also met Merlin! He has a bit of a reputation, he’s only a baby still but has been getting a tad boisterous! He bit Yarrow a while back and that hasn’t helped. NOW he is having some special lessons, as is Yarrow, and all seems to be working out so far.

Here he is playing with his Jolly Ball, he quite likes it you know.

He was picking it up and mouthing at it, tossing his head up and down with it, and generally having a rare old time. He let my hubby stroke his nose, on more than one occassion, and actually seemes very pleased to have visitors!

Toffee just looked very Serene, almost as if to say “You wait, he’ll start showing off any minute now!”

Adrian and Yarrows’ hubby got on like a house on fire, Yarrow thought they would, and they were nattering away 10 to the dozen like old mates. I think there will be many happy hours spent with Mr & Mrs Yarrow. There was mention of BBQ’s at the field and real ale and camping in tents, which ksounds JUST like the sort of thing we should do…OFTEN!

Yarrow had put some lovely food together for us, we had pigs in blankets which were scrummy, and sausage rolls, and she had made some lovely sponge cake. I couldn’t take a piccie of them though,as Yarrow says they are NOT to be seen! I was also introduced to Rose Pouchong tea, and I LOVED it, so shall be looking for that tomorrow when we go shopping.

Yarrow and family, THANK YOU for such a lovely morning, it’s a shame we couldn’t stay longer, but you know, it only takes a little while to get everything we need in the back of the car poppet, and we can be up there with you in the field, with a supply of hobgoblin and a chimenea, in half an hour!