The second day of the working week for me, does tend to be thoughtful for some reason. My mind meanders through all sorts of ponderings and daydreams, when it has a spare five minutes that is!

The sort of weird things that can pop into my head are things like, WHO was it that first had the idea of shoving dry pips into the ground? Did they KNOW they would grow into something edible? Did people DIE trying to discover WHAT was edible?

My mind then wanders off into the realms of why did people’s costume differ so much? How did they decide the BEST way to wear things? OR, what fabric was most suitable? Then I have crazy images of people desperately trying to make a usable saddle from bits of rough hessian. Which is I suppose EXACTLY what they did.

I suppose our ancestors have ALL been inventors in some way or other. Makes me giggle to think of some sort of Neanderthal Delia wandering around trying out her best recipes on unsuspecting family members! IMAGINE! First take your husband out and point him at a herd of buffalo….4 days later when he returns with said Buffalo, you skin it, put that aside for later, I have a nifty tip for using that up ladies! So it goes on, ending up with some sort of stew that probably takes days to cook over an open fire, which you tend whilst chewing sinews into sewing thread and knocking up a few pairs of boots for the menfolk!

Makes you appreciate the microwave I suppose.

Then you think about how they introduced new foods to the family, did THEY say, “GO ON!!! TRY it, you’ll never know till you do” then rush around muttering “OH DEAR” when they collapse from some sort of weird poisoning? Or was THAT just the start of medicine?

WHO was it that decided that clothes needed to be clean? Then decided that the best way to do so was to get the women to lug it all to the nearest river and bash it on the rocks? I’ll BET that was a bloke! I’ll also bet that he never considered for one minute all the animals/people that used the river as a latrine! I suspect there were occasions when the clothes were CLEANER when they went in than when they came out.

This of course eventually leads us to the discovery of soap. Now, WHAT sort of mind comes up with the thought one day, I KNOW I’ll just pour this water through a load of ash from the fire, then I’ll melt down all this fat and mix the two and I’ll get bubbly stuff that can get clothes Brilliant White? Was his name Persil perchance, that famous Greek inventor known and loved the world over?

Well enough ramblings, I fear I MAY have given you a little TOO much insight into the workings of my tiny mind, scary isn’t it?