MMM It’s definitely a day for Mutterings! I have spent most of the day at work, counting down the hours till I could leave for my safe haven of home. Not the best day, but I’ve had worse, and I always survive.

Today, whilst wading through the treacle swamp that I call work, a question popped into my head, as they do!

WHAT would you do, if all the shops and supermarkets HAD to close for 2 weeks, completely, nowhere open, no take aways, no supermarket, corner shop, newsagent, NADA? Oh and there was no advance warning either, so you haven’t stocked up on anything.

Now, I mentally trawled through the cupboards and freezer, and decided that I would have enough food to last around 3 – 4 weeks, with the exception of fresh veg, that would only last for around one week. I have enough flour etc to make bread to see us through, and dried pulses will make soups and stews, cakes and biscuits would be OK as well, as would eggs as we have agood supply from our 9 chooks.

As for veg, well that would be a little tricky, we don’t have much in the way of crops at the lottie yet, but we DO have plenty of seeds for salad leaves, and these would produce edible leaves quite quickly, also, there ARE some people at the allotment that DO have veg stored. It brought home to me though, that I need to do a lot more preserving of veg than I currently do, so I will be on the look out for canning jars this year, as the freezer can’t hold everything we have an excess of!

Soap is also not a problem, as I make my own and have enough to last for approximately one year, and it can be used for clothes washing and shampoo as well. Toilet rolls, again we always have a large stock, but if not, we DO have vinegar and sponges, but then again, there is always soap and water in extremis.

Medicines would be difficult for anyone, and that has made me realise that I really do need to make sure that we have the basics at all times. Note to self, restock meds cupboard ASAP!

What to do though, if the meat should run out? We COULD go and hunt rabbits I suppose, but in a city there aren’t that many and catching the blighters isn’t that easy! We COULD find someone that DOES go hunting and buy or barter from them. OR we could just…GO WITHOUT! We have plenty of dried pulses we can use instead of meat in recipes, we also have a mushroom kit that produces several flushes of those yummy little balls of goodness.

Cheese is not essential, but comes in very handy in many recipes or just in a sandwich, and YUP, I’d make that as well. All in all, I don’t think we’d actually find it too much of a bind, milk would be hard to come by as we don’t have a cow or room for one, but there ARE a fair few farms around and people with goats, so I suspect that with a bit of hunting around, we’d get by.

It also made me stop and think about what we DO buy from the shops, which to be honest, isn’t much these days.

SO…what would YOU do?

That should get your brain cells going.